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So I know that saying every issue is a personal favorite is getting overrated, but THE BEAUTY ISSUE really is. Growing up, as a little girl, I was more of a tomboy than anything else…spending my mornings climbing loquat trees [I was super skinny with long limbs so I would usually get the furthest], and afternoons cycling around the neighborhood climbing people's gates. If you told 12 year old Olive that ten years on she would be spending her days in spas and money on the best cosmetics available, she would laugh you up said loquat tree. But here I am, and there is no place I would rather be. This is because make-up and beauty, “girly” as it may be, is not nearly as shallow or superficial as it is oft perceived. Granted the Lady Gaga’s and the guy they call the Human Ken Doll may have taken it a good number of steps too far, but where you use beauty to accentuate, not camouflage, great things happen. Teach a woman how to dress appropriately for her body shape, give her a make-over and teach her how to maintain her hair and do her makeup, and the results are simply magical. It is almost like opening her to herself. Her confidence catapults and she somewhat reclaims her personal power, feeling – if only for a moment – that she can do anything and be anyone! Research has shown that an improved image goes a long way in mounding one’s self image for the better and, your self-image dictates to some extent others image of you too [hence my credo fake it till you make it]. My point? There is nothing superficial nor fluffy in taking the time to make yourself look beautiful. Your more confident you will thank you, your partner will appreciate it, and your kids will notice it too. Remember, when life gets difficult, put on some lipstick and attack has become a common adage, and I second that 100%.

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