Bookstalkist - July 2017

Publisher: bookstalkist
Category: Journals, News
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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There has never been a more transformational time for the fourth pillar of Indian democracy. New exponents and soldiers of this pillar are cropping up every day. In a time when news has become the salt of all Indian meals, it is incumbent upon the flag-bearers of this pillar to take a deep breath and measure its steps. The fulfillment of the Indian dream of an ideal democracy will be a function of rational journalism. Bookstalkist is born out of that contemplative catharsis of Indian journalism. We intend to be the foot soldiers of ethical and rational journalism and in this pursuit, we have let literature be our guiding light, our North Star. The magazine talks about books, authors, literature, connections between various literary worlds, their socio-economic and socio-political significance, exciting literary events in various parts of the world and interviews of agents of change and development from all over the globe. Bookstalkist is the treasure map every bibliophile, literary enthusiast, and socially conscious individual would want to own on their venture to understand their world better.

Creative pursuits are always dotted with emotional wave-forms. These periods of indeterminate intimacy with the heart perhaps propel the mind to vent out one’s innermost feelings. These thought waves show up as creations to the world outside. The world within is glimpsed by the world without. However, can words completely map feelings? They invariably fall short. You might be able to vent much of it through your sketch, poetry, or song but the iceberg that you see is not the iceberg that exists. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park is no more with us. Our first article A Thousand Suns puts one of the most discussed and polarising albums of Linkin Park into perspective and dedicates itself to the days that we are going to live without one of the most heard voices on this planet. On our website, we had published our thoughts on our reading of the book - Josephine MacLeod and Vivekananda’s Mission by Linda Prugh in June this year. It was a deeply immersive read for us. About a month later, we had the opportunity to interview the author who also serves as the Secretary of the Vedanta Society of Kansas City. Linda’s Josephine is a conversation that the editorial team at Bookstalkist shall cherish for long. We intend to make you reflect upon the subjects we discuss. A reflective piece has its own special place in the world of literature because of the unflinching participation of the writer as well the reader. That’s a precondition for the articles we decide to publish. We hope all the specimens of writing in the present issue will make you sigh, think, ponder, and reflect. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the contributors for associating with us. Please write to to share your thoughts with us.

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