Wopreneur - October 2019 - Anniversary Issue

Publisher: Wopreneur Media Pvt Ltd
Category: Women's Interest, Business
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

Women's magazine addressing issues faced by women while starting or scaling their businesses. Recognises the intellectual power of women and has well researched, inspiring and informative articles about issues that matter to women.

Welcome to our anniversary issue! Unbelievable as it sounds we made it this far! We have got here as a team and as they say ‘Team work makes the dream work’; well it sure does. The most important ingredients in a startup are team, passion and vision, guess we got all of that in the right quotient ☺ There is so much data available about having a diverse board and the need for more women to be on boards of corporates. From the UN to the government, everybody has spoken or taken action on this issue, so we thought of nose-diving into this subject with our anniversary issue. In this issue we have “Woman on Top” where we met up with the super awesome Radhika Gupta – CEO Edelweiss Asset Management,“Jet Set Go”a power woman KanikaTekriwal, Co-Founder & CEO – Jet Set Go and “Get on Board” where we take a holistic view of the agenda – Women in Boardrooms. Success is great but we all know that life is about peaks and valleys, but the most important thing is to learn and understand how to deal with these, so we have ‘Managing Peaks & Valleys’. Also, what stops us from following our passion is often our fears, so we find out how to – ‘Face Your Fears’; and do take the fun quiz on leadership to find out ‘What kind of a leader are you?’ And don’t forget to have a read through ‘Our Journey’ where we have laid out our story so far, how we got here, how much research and effort has gone into starting ‘Wopreneur’. Of course this is just the start and there is a long way to go, but as a startup the first anniversary feels special.

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