Wopreneur - August 2019

Publisher: Wopreneur Media Pvt Ltd
Category: Women's Interest, Business
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

In this issue we spoke to 11 women from around the world and asked them – What does Freedom Mean? Their views on freedom are diverse and yet, similar on many levels. Clichéd? Totally! We also have our feature article ‘Independence Vs Independent’ and here we spoke to Ritu Dalmia and Harish Iyer to get their take on what does it really mean to be independent and enjoy independence for the LGBTQAI community. Then we have Breaking Barriers – Episode 2 where we look into the journey of Pushpa Mai whose never-giving-up spirit is amazing. We are super inspired by our interviewees, hope you get inspired too. We have highlighted some issues faced by the LGBTQAI community, but these questions about being independent vs independence, freedom and breaking barriers are significant for us all. The biggest barrier is that of the mind, we have to let go of inherent and sometimes hidden racism, casteism and judging others based on their gender preferences. Only then will we all be truly independent and freedom for all shall exist.

Women's magazine addressing issues faced by women while starting or scaling their businesses. Recognises the intellectual power of women and has well researched, inspiring and informative articles about issues that matter to women.

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