Wopreneur - November 2019

Publisher: Wopreneur Media Pvt Ltd
Category: Women's Interest, Business
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

Women's magazine addressing issues faced by women while starting or scaling their businesses. Recognises the intellectual power of women and has well researched, inspiring and informative articles about issues that matter to women.

With every issue we get an insight into the amount of work that needs to be done in each sector to address gender bias, pay parity and above all be gender neutral society. As a team when we planned to speak to women artists in the music industry, there was hope that this is one industry that was un-biased (or so we thought). While doing our research the findings we came across were quite the opposite, but don’t we all live in hope? For this issue we met up with some amazingly talents in the music industry. Read about Rekha Bharadwaj who has made her mark with her unique voice & Anuradha Pal the Tabla Maestro and a disciple of Ustad Alla Rakha and Ustad Zakhir Hussain in ‘Mist of Music’. We also have a low down about DJ Paroma and DJ Priyanjana who are a rage in there field now and their journey will inspire many looking to foray into the DJ’ing world, read about them in ‘Spinning the Decks’. Then we have ‘Offbeat Path’ featuring Sahana & Shruti Kumar, Nikita Sharma, Anushka Lewis and Testeo Sisters who are adventurous musical souls and have chosen to go off the beaten track, forged their own pathway in hitherto unexplored rhythms and melodies. We also explored how life and music have similarities with ‘Notes Of Life’ , the musical scene in the world arena in ‘Women on Charts’ and ‘Avenues to Learn Music’ the best places to learn music in India. Do take the quiz to see if you have an artist in you.

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