Yuva Bharati - August 2018

Publisher: Vivekananda Kendra
Category: Religious & Spiritual
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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YUVA BHARATI!—The Voice of Youth is ever a voice of renewal, - a voice of renaissance, like the music of the onrushing stream, which cutting across the rocks that come in its way, ever sings — shall find a way or make it; and dances forward and onward to form a river, whose waters then meandering and flowing majestically and musically, fertilise the land and make it smile with beauty and laugh with plenty. Youth of the World shall reshape the New World to be, and the Youth of India shall build a new Bharat nearer to their heart's desire. This is our faith.

Our fundamental work is to ‘Water the Roots’. What does Watering the roots mean? If we try to search the roots of our nation, culture, then we find that the Vedas are our philosophical foundations and Vedas are our roots. Vedas means the eternal laws of existence. These are the roots of our culture and our nation. Because of this, our nation is a cultural nation. Whenever our nation was invaded and difficulties were faced by the nation, we recognized the roots and watered it and our culture flourished. The more the people lived these principles in life, in the society, the society and nation developed. When these principles were missed or were not brought into day to day life, we wobbled, could not face the challenges and difficulties or we were not able to develop. Resurgence of India is directly linked to practice and vibrancy of the Vedic ideals. Mananeeya Eknathji established Vivekananda Kendra to focus and practice the Vedic ideals. We have attained independence and our external development like economic status is improving. Society is also getting organized. But if these principles are to go away from our lives, from our consciousness, then though this nation will be externally developing, it will remain weak and development will not be sustainable. Therefore, for watering the roots, we have to work ceaselessly for practicing and propagating the Vedic ideals in our Bharat Rashtra.

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