Yuva Bharati - March 2019

Publisher: Vivekananda Kendra
Category: Religious & Spiritual
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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YUVA BHARATI!—The Voice of Youth is ever a voice of renewal, - a voice of renaissance, like the music of the onrushing stream, which cutting across the rocks that come in its way, ever sings — shall find a way or make it; and dances forward and onward to form a river, whose waters then meandering and flowing majestically and musically, fertilise the land and make it smile with beauty and laugh with plenty. Youth of the World shall reshape the New World to be, and the Youth of India shall build a new Bharat nearer to their heart's desire. This is our faith.

n Feb 14th the news of terror attack on the army vehicle rocked our Nat ion. Entire country condemned this gruesome attack. People were horror-struck after hearing this news. Every one of us wonder what will be the response and how brutal is going to be our revenge. This expectation is arising because this government has dealt with the external threats with a stern hand earlier. While we can say with assurance that there will a fitting and lasting response to this attack, we should also remember what we as citizens could possibly do in response under these situations. When such attacks happen we always get to hear some voices which will try to put the blame on the victim than the aggressor. They will try to paint a picture that these are un avoidable consequences since the army was violating Human rights. Some will even go to the extent saying that these attacks are stage managed. If we see the pattern we can understand clearly that they loath the idea of patriotism and they want to do away with that feeling getting aroused in the society. Their only aim is to uproot the surge in the patriotic fervor which is bound to rise in such situations. For them patriotism is a bad word. These voices should not be brushed aside as some differing opinions. They take refuge under the guise of freedom of expression and vilify our armed forces. These are forces which are determined to undermine our nations sovereignty and hence they are to be dealt with firmly. They get many celebrities to act as their stooges and express these nefarious ideas through them. When a celebrity expresses an idea it instantly gets some acceptability among the gullible masses and goes viral. Some of those who express such anti national opinions happen to be people who are sitting in vantage positions like professors of reputed varsities. Their voices are echoed by our media and our celebrities. It is these voices which are to be countered effectively by nationalists.

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