Yuva Bharati - April 2019

Publisher: Vivekananda Kendra
Category: Religious & Spiritual
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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YUVA BHARATI!—The Voice of Youth is ever a voice of renewal, - a voice of renaissance, like the music of the onrushing stream, which cutting across the rocks that come in its way, ever sings — shall find a way or make it; and dances forward and onward to form a river, whose waters then meandering and flowing majestically and musically, fertilise the land and make it smile with beauty and laugh with plenty. Youth of the World shall reshape the New World to be, and the Youth of India shall build a new Bharat nearer to their heart's desire. This is our faith.

Saalumarada Thimmakka also known as Aalada Marada Timakka is a not a VIP or a person who hits the news headlines often. Her work is planting trees and tending them. She has planted nearly 8000 trees in and around her village kudoor in Karnataka. For such works which are seldom known outside their states, the Central Government have been rewarding with the prestigious Padma awards in the last couple of years. According to one of the botanical reports done by a survey, the value of a tree which Thimmakka has planted is several lakhs. One can only imagine the value of all those trees that are planted by her and grown into huge trees now. They are worth several crores of rupees today. Yet, by dedicating all of them in service of the state and the environment and not expecting any reward in return, she has taken a life of a pure, selfless service. Having lead an active life as a passionate environmentalist and an eternal lover of nature, Saalumarada Thimmakka still cherishes the dream of planting more trees in future. There have been many who came to lime light through these National level Recognition. Selfless service

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