Nanayam Vikatan - June 18, 2017

Publisher: Vikatan
Category: Business, Men's Interest
Language: Tamil
Frequency : Weekly

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From stocks and shares to budgets and banking, Naanayam Vikatan; a business cum personal finance weekly from the Vikatan Group, answers every question you may have about your finances, in a manner that is easily understood by all. What really sets it apart from the others is that it has gone beyond its pages and established contact with people through meetings that educate them about efficient savings. Naanayam Vikatan's investment advice has helped them earn good returns even during the most challenging times.

Pangu santhai... labam tharum SIP muthaleedu! Appathan en role model! - CKR maganin business entry. Kaikari markettum share markettum onna? Kodigalai kuvikkum kudineer viyabaram!

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