Chutti Vikatan - June 15, 2017

Publisher: Vikatan
Category: Children, Education
Language: Tamil
Frequency : Fortnightly

The largest circulated children’s Tamil fortnightly magazine… Kids these days! They watch TV. Then they watch TV. Then they do homework. Then they play. Do they read? Read Tamil? They do read. Every fortnight they not only read (which is fun), they also do what Chutti Vikatan asks them to (more fun). And in the process we have discovered quite a few prodigies in Tamil children. Apart from the regular content such as comics, general knowledge, puzzle, riddles and stories, there are also some excellent do-it-yourself ideas to stimulate a child’s imagination.

Neengalum Sachinthan! Padam sollum Paadam Katral karpithalil kalakala maatrangal! Vivasaya pannaikku oru visit!

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