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Mutual Fund Insight Magazine - April 2018Add to Favorites

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The April issue of 'Mutual Fund Insight' addresses the question that many debt-fund investors are asking: why their debt fund is losing money. It also tells you what you need to do now. In the 'Spotlight' feature, Anoop Bhaskar, a star fund manager, shares his experience at the new fund house. In the column 'Direct Advice', learn about how you can avoid common follies that investors make post Budget. The April issue covers balanced funds in great detail and provides you a list of our recommended funds. In a trend story, we analyse which funds are most likely to be impacted by the PNB scam. And that's not all. Find many more insightful articles in the April edition.

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Mutual Fund Insight has helped investors invest in mutual funds with confidence since 2002. It contains information, analysis, opinion and advice on mutual funds and personal finance. Each issue contains a comprehensive scorecard of all Indian mutual funds. This magazine is not for those looking for hot investment ideas. The magazine is a steady and conservative guide meant for those who want to enhance the returns on their long-term investments and savings without taking more risks than they can handle.