Science- All Issues

The contents of this book SCIENCE for NTSE, Olympiads and Competitive Examinations have been developed in accordance with the needs of the students. It follows simple learning approach and offers conceptual clarity and complete syllabi coverage in each chapter for the benefit of students. The book conforms to the latest pattern of question-setting of NTSE. The book is made up of 31 chapters divided into three parts: Part A (Physics) consists of 11 chapters Part B (Chemistry) consists of 8 chapters Part C (Biology) consists of 12 chapters Each chapter consists of Brief Theory, Key Concepts, followed by Solved Examples, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Answer Key and Hints & Solutions. The solutions to the MCQs are given at the end of each chapter. Previous Years' Questions, where available, have been given at the end of each chapter for clear understanding of the kinds of questions set. Hints and Explanations of many questions offer a window to students to know how the correct answers have been arrived at. The book is also recommended for Olympiads and other competitive examinations.