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Publisher:V&S Publishers




Magazine Description: This book on Ayurveda is a perfect handbook to augment our physical, mental and spiritual growth, by knowing what to bank on, what to eat or not to eat, and what to change and how to cope with the things we cannot change. Ayurveda helps us to understand the action of Vatta, Pitta and Kapha – the three primary body Doshas. Knowing which Dosha is dominant in us, why it gets aggravated, and how it can be balanced, will help us to cure ourselves. Ayurvedic remedies are available in various forms including: fresh juices made from herbs; Churna (herbs that have been powdered and taken with food or water); Ark (a distillate made from herbs); Quath (crushed or ground herbs used as a brew or decoction; Modak or Paak (herbs cooks in jiggery or sugar); and Asav (a light wine made by fermentation of herbs. This book makes the task simple to understand the body's actions, reactions, physical and mental characteristics to restore imbalances to ensure a lifetime of well-being.
The way followed in this book is disease-wise. The diseases have been covered alphabetically, explaining the symptoms, their effect on the body, prevention and finally remedies through Ayurvedic preparation/s. Important disease covered are: Acidity, Acne, Anemia, Asthma, Baldness, Cancer, Cholera, Cholesterol, Cold, Constipation, Cough, Diabetes, Grey hair, Headache, High Blood pressure, Increase memory & immunity, Insomnia, Low blood pressure, Migraine, Obesity, etc.

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