75 Ways to Impress Your Partner- All Issues

V&S Publishers, with a view to help people in their need to save time and yet read to learn, has put forth, 75 popular quotes, anecdotes or sayings in this one of a kind unique book 75 Ways to Impress Your Partner, in which every Tip/Hack on each page is supported by a caricature type illustration. The concept behind making this out-of-the-box book is– “A picture is worth a thousand words”, which is a well-known adage meaning that a number of different ideas can be conveyed by a single image more effectively than a verbal description. People instead of reading a text, opt for videos or images on social media for learning and leisure reading. We, at V&S Publishers, have already embraced this philosophy in this book knowing well that static pictures leave a larger impact on readers than text. Instead of using old school definitions and textual descriptions, the book uses a one liner with an illustration on each page similar to posts or memes on social media to convey the idea. This book is a part of a series having 10 books with each dedicated to a different idea like happiness, riches, health etc. This book, in the shortest way possible, provides ‘75 Ways to Impress Your Partner’ for the common man. The book is suitable for all age groups and is a simple fun read.