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ABHA (About Best Himalayan Adventures) - All Issues

About Best Himalayan Adventures (ABHA) is a new e-magazine dedicated to the travels in the Himalayas. The magazine shows once-in-lifetime adventures and more in the highest mountain range of the world and celebrates our adventurous side. The USP of the magazine is it is not about celebrities, advertisers, and sponsors. It is about common thrill seekers. It is published in English. Some of the destinations are on the covers. The front cover showcases raw nature, whereas the back cover exhibits Himalayan culture. It is for active and fearless community that admires wilderness. You will find loads of insiders’ information about these action-packed trips. Rich photographic spreads take you closer to the destinations. Read long and short travel stories for more engagement with the destinations. With the Himalayan Key, you can see more and enhance your experience. Authentic advice to survive real-life situations may make the adventures “safe.” The Funnies shows lighter side of adventures. Buy ABHA now.