ABHA (About Best Himalayan Adventures) - Volume 3, Issue 1 | March 2018

Publisher: The Off: About Best Himalayan Adventures (TO ABHA)
Category: Travel, Entertainment
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly
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The first commercial issue of ABHA, a new magazine exclusively dedicated to the travels in the Himalayas, offers twelve elaborate adventure photo features. Himalayan Key section details attractions of the range. For example, Simple Platter, Flora, Fauna, and Celebrations subsections introduce you to local food, flora, fauna, fairs, and festivals one at a time. The photos will help you to select the right adventure. If you know the names and features of the Himalayan attractions, you will remember them well. Thus, sharing the experiences with your friends and family will be easy. The next section, Mountain and Your Body, helps you in improving fitness level. The last section, The Funnies, shows funny side of adventure. The issue covers five adventure activities in three Indian Himalayan states: Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. The activities include angling, mountain driving, rock climbing, trekking, and white water rafting. Don’t be afraid. Browse and read the magazine, because all adventures are not difficult. The publication has something for everyone: beginner, intermediate, and hardcore thrill seekers.

This is the first commercial issue of ABHA, a new magazine exclusively dedicated to the travels in the Himalayas. The acronym ABHA stands for About Best Himalayan Adventures.

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