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Editor's note: The January issue of The Astrological eMagazine is dedicated to my grandfather Dr. B. V. Raman. This is a flagship issue and covers a great selection of articles We bring to you two forecast articles, one on the Mundane Level authored by Dr. Gary Gomes titled World Predications for 2019, and the other at a personal level, giving forecasts based on Moon sign or Janma Rasi, titled How is 2019 for you. Venus or Shukra is a very important planets in any horoscope. Shukra literally means lucid or clear. In a larger context, it means well-articulated and visionary. Often referred to as Shukracharya or Asuraguru, the famous story associated with him is his ability to bring the dead back to life. This shouldn’t be interpreted literally. The deeper meaning conveyed through the story was how the grace of Shukra can help one bounce back from every situation – resiliency – and to not give up. This planet plays an important role in the journey of Entrepreneurs along with other key astronomical points. Muthu Vijayan Elango authors a new and compelling perspective of certain astrological patterns indicate tendencies of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Infant and child Mortality has been a common problem both in ancient and modern times. United Nations has this as of the top sustainable development goals. While there is a good progress in the decline of child mortality, this still continues to pose as a significant challenge to overcome. Child deaths occur for a variety of reasons with the leading ones being pre-term birth complications, respiratory infections, delivery complications, genes and diarrhea, in the 21st century. Scarily, this is very similar to what our ancient experienced as well – पित्रोर्दोषैमृताः meaning factors from the parents like pre-term complications and genes. They were also wise to indicate other reasons such as cruel influences of the planets and abnormal yogas in the horoscope. The sensible rishis further went to prescribe Japa, Homas and Medical treatments as a remedy for child mortality till the age of 12. In this article, Dr Nemani writes about astrological principles that indicate child mortality. In modern times, marriages are failing. The failure rate is growing at an enormous rate. However, if you take a look at the traditional cultures across the world, the marriages are strong, the couples are happy and prosperous, and their children turn out to be strong and healthy. This was because, most traditions around the world consulted their local astrologers, matched the horoscopes, under took appropriate remedial measures in case of any evil influences of planets. Gemstones is a common remedial measure for many adverse influences of planets. Dr Chandrashekar here writes in detail various gemstones and how they can be used to manage crisis in a marriage. Timing of events is the second most important subject for an astrologer with the first being the fundamentals of vedic astrology. The big 5 astrological texts address this in some form of the other. Sri Arsh Mishra gives clues on how slow moving planets Jupiter, Rahu/Ketu and Saturn trigger major life events during their transit. This will be very useful while interpreting horoscopes and giving remedial measures. Karakas play a significant role in influencing the results of a house. Why do they do so? As the name suggests, karaka means factor, agent or operator. Planets are assigned various karaka duties by Parashara and Jaimini. These are broadly classified into two groups – mundane significate and humane significate. In humane significate, there are again two sub groups – relationship based significate, and role based significate. Dr. Vinay explains the relationship based significate, particularly of the 10th house. He, as usual, impresses us by researching and evolving the karakatwas relevant to the 10th house, in the contemporary times. He also shows how we can use these Karakatwas to better interpret the chart. Shankar G. Hegde shared vedic astrology Clues for nonstandard married life - inter caste love marriage, premarital affairs, extra marital affairs, multiple marriages, no married life at all and losing the spouse very early in the life. Pundit Katti Narahari’s paper focuses on the wealth quotient, the potential factors that block the flow of wealth and some simple remedies to unlock One’s Bhagya. Before we close this note we’d like to share a few thoughts on the upcoming vedic new year. The new year starts at 14:21 hrs on April 5, 2019 in Ujjain, India. This is the thirty third Samvatsara and goes under the name Vikari. Vikari means variable ie that which is not fixed. The nakshatra will be Revati – 2nd Pada. Kataka Lagna or Cancer sign will be rising in Aslesha Nakshatra – 3rd Pada. The ruler of the weekday is the lord of the year. In this case, since the weekday is Friday, the lord of the year is Venus. According to Brihat Samhita, if Venus becomes the lord of the year, the earth is blessed with pregnant clouds. In India, Agriculture will boom, there will be plenty of rains and there will be greenery for a major portion of the year. Venus also ensures that the citizens will be happy, and there will be minimal wars and unrest. This is also good time for the entertainment industry, and people will be joyful and make merry. However, the Sun and the Moon are in graha yudda, with both being afflicted. This indicates the medical field – doctors, pharmacists and medical manufacturers will be hit during the year. We believe that this is the year where the overall health of the citizens – both physical and mental – will improve and there will be harmony and joy in the country.

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