The Astrological eMagazine - March 2016

Publisher: The Astrological eMagazine
Category: Education, News
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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In this issue: Astrologically, Which Profession Suits You? The astrological classics have given importance to the 10th house in a natal chart. A current understanding of the environment enables one to indicate the actual nature and type of the profession in modern times. The Greatest Astrological Breakthrough in 2,000 Years Mark Kincaid writes about the potential, self improvement and self-development nature of astrology enabling us to self-transform any such negative influence of planets, into positive ones! Astrological Insights For Second Marriage Hindu shastras stipulate five conditions for the remarriage of an once-married girl. Sri P. S. Iyer writes about these, and shows how astrology helps people lead a happy second life. An Astrological Guide For Early Diagnosis of Cancer Disease One of the deadliest diseases is Cancer. In its early phase it may be controlled. An astrological analysis of known cases of Cancer can be of help in diagnosing, controlling, and curing of this deadly disease. How Planets Influence Human Growth and Development? India has a rich heritage of not only knowledge of astronomy but also of human biology as evidenced by the Atharvaveda, Ayurveda and Garbhopanishad. Dr. V. Narayanan Bhattathiri shares rich insights on influence of planets on the biology of humans. Regular Features Panchanga for March 2016, timings for Rahukala, Gulikakala and Yamakantaka, and sunrise and sunset timings for March 2016.

India’s trusted monthly astrology magazine includes: Authoritative astrology and vastu lessons, tips and case studies — Jataka (predictive astrology), mundane astrology , muhurtha (electional astrology) and prasna (horary predictions) Monthly Forecast for the 12 moon signs on general matters, good and bad dates, health and domestic life, career and finance; Panchanga of the month, timings for Rahukala, Gulikakala and Yamakantaka, and sunrise and sunset timings.

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