Solid State-High School- All Issues

This e-book is about the solid state of matter. Solids are classified into crystalline and amorphous based upon the order of arrangement of particles. The Solid State, Classification of Solids on the Basis of Nature of Order, Polymorphs, Classification of Crystalline Solids on the Basis of Intermolecular Forces, Some Important Characteristics of Various types of Crystals, Determination of Structure of Solids by X-ray Diffraction, Crystal Lattice/Bravais Lattice /Space Lattice, The Seven Crystal Systems, Bravais Unit Cells, Geometry of a Cube , Contribution of an Atom to the Unit cell Present at Its Different Sites, Types of Unit Cell, Relation between Edge length (a) and the Radius of Sphere (r) in Different Types of Cubic Unit for Pure Elements, Density of the Crystal, Packing of Constituent Particles in Crystal, Interstices or Voids or Holes in Crystals, Ionic Crystal, Assertion Reasoning Type of Questions, Imperfection or Defects in Crystals, Stoichiometric Defects, Impurity Defects, Properties of Solids, Superconductivity