Domus India Magazine - April 2019

Domus India Magazine - April 2019

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While this issue of Domus India focuses on the ideas of infrastructure and the reorientation of relationships — politics and geography, land and sacredness, connectivity and cultures — we also review the neighbourhood and the spaces of the ‘inside’ as the arenas of infrastructure, globality, and humanity. In this issue, architecture is re-organised as landscape — landscapes of human endeavours and negotiations. The macro-scale and the micro-dimensions are difficult to separate into categories or be seen as two ends of a spectrum anymore. The macro and the micro are intertwined as networks of technology, as memories, as human labour. The pages of this magazine are currently in a phase where the magazine is a travelling archive — not in the sense that it has collected elements and is now moving, but that it moves in time, building and collecting on practices, material knowledge, and objects of creative and measured production. It is moving in the sense that it is a vehicle to churn the archive as new entrants arrive and sit side-by-side with revious occupants. Occupations are constantly adjusting to new migrants. The magazine works on collaborations beyond the borders of its covers; it is not restricted to the limits of time as bound geography. Much like culture, it is a repository of ideas in conversation and argument. The magazine traverses media of many types in its quest to comprehend the contemporary as we see it in the built and crafted material environments. Our material environments occupy our imaginations, but as much as materials and the objects they make are finite and tangible, never are the journeys and histories of these materials and their avatars limited to physical space or a line of time.

Domus India Magazine Description:

PublisherSpenta Multimedia Pvt Ltd




Domus, the iconic architecture and design magazine from Italy, is now in India. The eight-decade-old monthly magazine has a history of informed debate on architecture, interiors, art and design. The Indian edition, the first Domus exclusively in the English language, seeks to encourage and promote innovation in the built environment.
Domus has been brought to India by Spenta Multimedia, India's largest custom publisher. It aims to track and review the latest architectural and artistic movements in India and the world through its exciting content and rich visuals.