Smart Gains- All Issues

India is at the cusp of mega economic revolution! Indian company stocks offer lifetime opportunity to earn mega returns! 'Smart Gains’ - most popular product from the house of Smart VERC, India (visit for more about us and services). It is a weekly equity advice letter, with strong emphasis on fundamental research. Normally One/Two scrips are recommended in every issue, with necessary financial data, future plans, reasoning for the advice, supported with Target Price and Stop Loss. In addition it has columns like - Market my Beat, IPO Monitor, Recommendations Review, Smart Watch, etc. Stocks advised in Smart Gains have delivered jaw dropping performances over medium to long term. Smart Portfolio: One of the key features of ‘Smart Gains’. A sample portfolio was started on 30 May 2001 with a onetime sum of Rs 1 Lacs. Changes are advised only once a week on Wednesday at 10.30 am. Started with a sum of Rs 1 lac Smart Portfolio has grown to staggering Rs 56.88 lacs as on 26th Jul 2017! Compounded annual returns (CAGR) of 28.74% over a long period of 16 years! Similar amount invested in BSE Sensitive Index would have grown to mere Rs 8.81 lacs. Thus Smart Portfolio has beaten the BSE Sensex by 6.45 times! To our best of knowledge no Mutual Fund has ever grown at such high rates for such long duration in India or any country! ‘Smart Portfolio’ demonstrates that:- - long term investment pays handsomely - It is not essential to monitor daily share price movements and make changes - We have the exceptional capability to control emotions during boom / doom times About Smart VERC What sets a firm apart is as much in its DNA as its business accomplishments. Smart VERC has differentiated itself categorically on both the counts. Over the years, Smart-VERC has established strong credentials throughout the country. Strong presence in USA, UK, Singapore, Tanzania etc speaks volumes about its success story. It has products suitable for all kinds of long term investors. More than 20,000 users are testament to its tagline - 'Your dependable partner in creating wealth'