Rishi Prasad Odia - July 2017

Publisher: Sant Shri Asharamji Ashram
Category: Health, Women's Interest
Language: Oriya
Frequency : Monthly
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Started in 1990, Rishi Prasad has now become the largest circulated spiritual monthly publication in the world with more than 10 million readers. The magazine is a digest of all thought provoking latest discourses of His Holiness Asharam Bapuji on various subjects directing simple solutions for a peaceful life. The magazine also features news on happenings at various ashrams in past month, inspirational texts from scriptures/legends , practical tips for healthy day-to-day living balancing materialism by idealism, Bapuji's answers to questions raised by seekers, disciples's experiences etc.

Yogic techniques for removing stress, anxiety, mind-wandering and attaining bliss. Demand for the acquittal of innocent Bapuji raised in All India Hindu Convention. This verily is the definite knowledge of Self-realized men. Why should the study of Sanskrit be encouraged? Remember the martyrs and think why did you get freedom? Unity in Truth, diversity in forms. Mantras for the removal of obstacles and health. What is the origin of the world and how? You are Capable of God-Realization! Cows radiate positive energy. Significance of six tastes in Diet.

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