Rishi Prasad Bengali Magazine - May 2022Add to Favorites

Rishi Prasad Bengali Magazine - May 2022Add to Favorites

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In this issue

* Adopt these five auspicious virtues
* Pujya Bapuji’s divine message on the Chetichand Festival
* Be a witness to all circumstances
* What is the meaning of Satsang?
* Turn your intellect towards the Sat
* Then the deal is a bargain
* Observe rules (Niyamas) in your lives
* Three Simple ways to attain Self-Realization
* Beware of thugs! * Importance and utility of NavarÍtri fasting
* The art of leading a householder’s life
* If you don’t know That One, what is the use of knowing anything else?
* The purpose of Pujya Bapuji’s Avatar
* His great purpose has opened several pathways to welfare
* He gave us various means (sÍdhanas) fitting to the time to prevent the destruction of Dharma
* He connected Dharma with Spirituality through selfless action
* He imparted the sÍdhan of divine worship for divine joy and yoga for concentration
* Imparted freely the Knowledge of Brahman through satsang
* Performed a great service of saving the culture
* He took care not just of the spiritual, but also the practical life of people
* Propagated the wisdom of spiritual shÍstras and great men
* Played a dual role of Father as well as Mother of the Universe
* Showed the path of welfare of all nations and religions
Mango: A nourishing and strengthening fruit especially in the summer months
Miraculous advent of Ayurveda and the origin of Allopathy

Rishi Prasad Bengali Magazine Description:

PublisherSant Shri Asharamji Ashram

CategoryReligious & Spiritual



One of the largest circulated spiritual monthly magazine RISHI PRASAD is now available in BENGALI language also.

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