The STAT Trade Times - July 2018

Publisher: STAT Media Group
Category: News
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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The STAT Trade Times is a multi modal international transport media, specializing in Air Cargo, provides in-depth coverage for the Aviation,Transport, Shipping and tourism industries. STAT TIMES, as it is popularly known, provides a ringside view of the latest developments in the multi modal transport industry worldwide. The Media’s integrated approach to news coverage is appreciated and used by the decision makers for their commercial benefits since 1986. Apart from the print media, the STAT Trade Times has also launched its Website as early as 1990 for the benefit of its high profile readers worldwide. This site is useful to professionals from Aviation and Air Cargo Industries. Breaking News related to Airlines strategies, Airport updates, Air Cargo, Air Traffic and Air Travel trends form a major source of latest information. The Billion Dollar News capsules provide encapsulated news for the benefit of its worldwide readers. STAT TIMES is news-specific.

In the July edition of The STAT Trade Times, our cover story by Surya Kannoth explains about the competition between the bellies versus freighters. Which industry craves more for belly? What are the factors driving to explore belly more than freighters? Check out to get more insights on the same… Our commodity report by Shalini Nair focuses on the seafood being carried through air cargo. The regular monitoring done by air cargo industry for updating IT and cool chain logistics has helped to capture the market share in this segment gradually. The utmost care taken by them to minimise the transit time and deliver the best onto the platter! In our regional report, Nahida Jafferi writes on Trans-Atlantic air cargo boom with ecommerce & automotive sectors as a driving force. What is building up transatlantic business? How new African markets play a vital role in surging up transatlantic air cargo demand. The special report by Shreya Bhattacharya is on how the pilotless planes will change the face of air industry. In the coming decade, we could be equally at ease with flying on unmanned aerial vehicles. Meanwhile, the reduced intervention of human pilots on aircraft could bring material economic benefits and improve safety. Get to know about the annual global perishable conference by CCA in partnership with STAT Trade Times held at Luxembourg. Know how the industry experts are prompt enough to take action for the perishables under the discussed theme - "World without food waste – what can air cargo deliver?" Don’t miss news roundup from air cargo, aviation, shipping, transport and tourism sectors.

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