Finiup - November 2017

Publisher: Doifoo
Category: Business, Fashion
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

The latest issue of Finiup carries a story on how start-ups suffer from biggies getting bigger. How companies big and small are creating business models around artificial intelligence. And why it will change businesses forever. To know more read about the Chatbots and their effects. Gear up for massive changes in the business world with remote working getting preference over the live team. To know more read Remote Workforce: How to manage? All this and much more in the November issue of Finiup. So buy now!

The digital publication of Finiup has come into existence for those entrepreneurial brains to share their experiences, and learn from one another. To become a noted resource of inspiration and education for early stage startup, is what we are headed towards. We are dedicated to accrediting startups with the quality and depth of understanding necessary actions to be taken to succeed.

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