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SUBURB LIFE – GURGAON’S VERY OWN MAGAZINE ON LIFESTYLE & INFOTAINMENT The times are changing. And so are the preferences, tastes and meaning of life. Life no longer is just about the neighbourhood. In fact, the whole world is one's neighbourhood. SUBURB talks to the Indian, who believes in and lives the global life. SUBURB understands and reflects the global Indian's dreams, aspirations and life. It is an info-tainment magazine catering to the needs, whims and fancies of the new age Indian. It talks to him in the same tone, on the same platform, and about the topics and the things he wants to discuss. To say little, SUBURB is aimed to become the best buddy of the Global Indian of Gurgaon. SUBURB will provide them with loads of interesting information and recommendations on fashion, beauty, sports, lifestyle, home décor, entertainment, wellness, education etc. Features on health, wellness, children, fashion, grooming, sports, etc. • Shopping guides (recommendation pages) • Dine & Drink(Review) • Listings (movies, theatre, restaurants, shopping, paintings, music chartbusters, books, TV programming) • helpline, hospitals, movie theatres • Blogs • Gurgaon maps and statistics • Puzzles Suduko, Crossword, riddles • Cartoons • Gags, sms jokes • Children's corner • Glam world • Fashion • Doctor's Advice • Destinations (international, Delhi gateways/ Around Gurgaon) • Celebrity talk (local) • Civil society • CEO profile • Real estate projects • Individuals' profiles • Ordinary people - extra ordinary work • Gizmos • Reader's reactions • We ask - You answer • The back page (Satire on Gurgaon)