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Media Voice Magazine was started in 2009. With the tagline ‘Voice of the future’, we constantly strive to bring to our readers issues and stories that are thought-provoking. Since our inception, our readership in India has grown from 10,000 in November 2009 to 40,000+ in last 8 months and continues to show spectacular growth. We combine words and pictures, the verbal and the visual, and a varied range of topics such as business, politics and the arts with creativity. What makes Media Voice different from the rest is that we convey informative/global perspectives. We cover social issues, sports, movies, food reviews and have special sections dedicated to national news and economy. Media Voice is well represented in one-off outlets as well as chain stores such as Landmark. The magazine has a strong national presence as we have also tied up with the Mathrubhoomi group of publications. We have ensured a strong media presence as we advertise with print and other media. Our international edition is available in Malaysia, United Kingdom and GCC countries. Media Voice connects with creators of the integral culture, leaders of global renown. We feature people who are passionately involved in their work and lives. These are the people who make powerful dreams become a reality in our world.