30 Days Crash Course for NEET Chemistry- All Issues

30 days NEET a revision cum crash course Chemistry provides a speedy revision plan for complete Chemistry in 30 days. It comes with concise review of all the concepts as per the latest syllabus and emphasize on the formulas and facts in an easy and tabular form. It is a focused program study for the NEET aspirant’s full preparation. Complete book divides chapter revision in day-wise manner with question practice (Exam drill) to ensure full revision. 5 unit test are given after certain number of days to check the effectiveness of revision and analysis of the performance. One model test paper is given on 30th day with answer keys of every unit test and solved NEET 2017 exam paper. Revise the entire syllabus of NEET Chemistry with day wise plan, practice questions with practice papers & previous year paper. Content : 1 Some Basic Concept of Chemistry 2 Structure of Atom 3 Classification of Elements & Periodicity in Properties 4 Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 5 States of Matter (Gases and Liquids) 6 Thermodynamics 7 Equilibrium 8 Redox Reactions UNIT TEST 1 9 Hydrogen 10 The s-Block Elements 11 The p-Block Elements (Group 13 and 14) 12 Organic Chemistry - Some Basic Principles and Techniques 13 Hydrocarbons 14 Environmental Chemistry UNIT TEST 2 15 Solid State 16 Solutions 17 Electrochemistry 18 Chemical Kinetics 19 Surface Chemistry UNIT TEST 3 20 General Principle and Processes of Isolation of Elements 21 The p-Block Elements (Group 15 to 18) 22 The d- and f-Block Elements 23 Coordination Compounds UNIT TEST 4 24 Haloalkans and Haloarenes 25 Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers 26 Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids 27 Amines 28 Biomolecules 29 Polymers 30 Chemistry in Everyday Life UNIT TEST 5 Mock Test Papers Answer Keys (Unit Tests) NEET Solved Paper 2017