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BioSpectrum Asia Magazine - November 2020Add to Favorites

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Diabetic retinopathy (DR), the most common complication of diabetes mellitus, is the leading cause of new cases of blindness in middle-aged and elderly in the world. It has been estimated that 51 per cent of all those with blindness due to DR globally and 56 per cent of those with visual impairment due to DR come from the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. This is mainly due to the fact that management and awareness of DR in the APAC region is limited and sub-optimal. This year, as we celebrate Word Diabetes Day on November 14, we must address the urgent need to improve the screening and diagnosis of DR within the APAC countries

The Dragon beckons big pharma

Big pharma continues its fascination with China. The latest big pharma firm to push deeper into the country is the US based Pfizer, with its $200 million acquisition of CStone, a firm focused on cancer therapies. Most big pharma firms such as Amgen, USA and AstraZeneca, UK who have historically focused on mature markets such as the United States, Japan and Europe, are now eyeing China. Let’s explore this shift and what it means for the Chinese pharma industry.

4 mins

Managing Diabetes The Figital Way!

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed several new challenges and an opportunity to transform diabetes care with digital innovation. Looking ahead, technology will play a greater role in diabetes treatment and management once lockdowns ease.

5 mins

Covid-19 Linked Maladies Startling Researchers

Although millions of people have recovered from the coronavirus worldwide, beating the initial sickness appears to be the first of many battles for those who have survived. The list of gnawing maladies associated with COVID-19, such as heart diseases, liver injuries, brain damage, anosmia etc., is surely of a huge concern for the world.

7 mins

APAC's 5G ambitions in Healthcare

The surge in virtual healthcare has prompted physicians globally to engage in co-sharing their medical space and expertise. And Internet-of-Things (IoT) is driving next-generation smart healthcare. Boosted by advances in robotics, IoT and Artificial Intelligence, healthcare organisations across the globe have started using 5G network that promises to provide essential levels of connectivity to enable a new health ecosystem, which will align with a relatively recent idea known as 4P medicine—that is, it will be predictive, preventative, personalised and participatory, as noted by PwC.

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BioSpectrum Asia Magazine Description:

PublisherMM Activ Sci-Tech Communication




BioSpectrum Asia Magazine is a monthly magazine published by MM Activ Sci-Tech Communication in India. It is a leading biotechnology magazine in Asia, covering a wide range of topics related to the biotechnology industry, including:

* Biotechnology news and trends: BioSpectrum Asia covers the latest biotechnology news and trends from India and around the world.
* Biotechnology company profiles and interviews: The magazine profiles leading biotechnology companies in Asia and interviews their CEOs and other top executives.
* Biotechnology research and development: BioSpectrum Asia covers the latest biotechnology research and development from academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies.
* Biotechnology product reviews: The magazine reviews the latest biotechnology products and services.
* Biotechnology industry events: BioSpectrum Asia covers biotechnology industry events from around the world.

BioSpectrum Asia Magazine is a must-read for anyone who wants to stay informed about the latest advances in biotechnology and their potential to impact the world around us.

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