Life Care - September 10, 2019

Publisher: Life Care
Category: Health, Lifestyle
Language: Gujarati
Frequency : Fortnightly

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Life Care is a Fortnightly Gujarati Health News Magazine, life care provide a various article, information about health. Readers can get to know more about latest updates of health care system. Wishing you to have great learning experience.

Dear Reader, in this issue you can read many stories and articles. Editorial for Hindi Divas, as you learn in school days. Today’s scenarios we like to talk, read, write English. If you don't know Hindi language is our National language & accepted by our constitution in 14 Sept49. So you must read this. Page six especially for women’s, story under title "Health Mantra", every day 30 minutes’ walk is wonder for health. As the title you can read story many aspect of walking is great for our health benefit who suffering diabetes, skin issue, joints pain, cholesterol, energy level low and stroke and many problems. Walking is best for our health. As you know, there is going to be a ban on single use plastics from October 2. So you can read the short story on the topic of "social awareness". Research conducted globally has found that micro plastics are dangerous to health and environment. So read full story and trying to stop single use plastic and save our life and environment. The graphics related to this story are located on the last page. The graphic is intended to highlight the single use of microplastics. The use of which is affecting our lives and environment. In the cover story you can read how can care of spinal cord in accidental case. All of know spinal cord is important part of human body, but sometimes we don't caring when if they pain. In this story, we are trying to shed light on the depth of the of spinal cord system, injury to which part of our spinal cord can affect our life. How can take care of accidental case and save others’ lives. Another some of good story added in this issue as under listed below. lifecarenews, Issue-99, 10-09-2019, 10th Sept-19, Index, Do You Know, Tongue Cancer, Health Mantra, Walking For Health is Wonderful, Self Care, Lifestyle, Fashion, Cover Story, Spinal Cord, Special Story, Trauma, Kitchen Corner, Hormones, Study Corner, E-Learning, B Careful, Foot Pain, Tech Update, Research, Amnesia, Health Graphics, Lifecare, news.

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