Lawteller - June 2019

Publisher: Lawteller
Category: Business, News
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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COVER STORIES • Jurisdiction no bar in dowry harassment case • Consider victim's age to compute compensation • Complaint filed by wife under Section 498A quashed • Merely causing hurt is sufficient to attract S. 307 IPC • Possession of one co-sharer is possession of all co-sharers • Excise duty chargeable only on price actually paid for goods • Period for which leave salary is payable, has to be counted towards "qualifying service"

Lawteller is one of India's first Legal Awareness Magazine, and is being published since 1993. The USP or the distinguishing feature of our magazine is that it encompasses only those cases decided within the territories of India, where the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India has decided a matter on a divergent viewpoint from that of the High Court's of any of the Indian states. This specialty of Lawteller has endeared it to its ever-increasing faithful subscribers from all walks of life; such as those concerned with law in any form like Judges, Advocates, Government departments, Judicial Officers, Company Secretaries, Armed forces, general public, academic institutions consisting of majority of top ranking Law Colleges in India and High Courts, thereby giving us a very wide diaspora of subscribers all across India.

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