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Kashmir Observer is worlds gateway to Kashmir region. As the digital companion to Kashmir Observer newspaper, the KO Online is part of a portfolio that offers content through print, KO ePaper and a mobile app. KO Online remains the main source of news and information for vast Kashmiri diaspora, intending tourists, business leaders, diplomats, journalists and all those interested in the region. Top notch journalists, political scientists and news analysts provide readers with round the clock news, features and in-depth analysis of the happenings in worlds most picturesque lands turned into a dangerous nuclear flash point. Apart from focusing on news from the Kashmir region and the South Asian sub-continent, Kashmir Observer online also provides many value-added and interactive features. Besides providing readers with upto date breaking news, compelling content and insightful opinions Kashmir Observer covers business, sports, community, tech, lifestyle and world news, as well as expert analysis and dynamic videos. Kashmir Observer also brings out regular supplements on Lifestyle, Food and Beverages and Business.