Jyotish Sagar - August 2019

Publisher: Jyotish Sagar Private Limited
Category: Religious & Spiritual, Home
Language: Hindi
Frequency : Monthly

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Jyotish Sagar is the most popular astrological monthly magazine in Hindi language. It is being published from March, 1997. This magazine covers most of branches of astrology like as : Classical Hindu Astrology, Modern Astrology, Krishnamurthi or KP Astrology, Jaimini Astrology, Career Astrology, Marriage Astrology, Medical Astrology, Remedial Astrology, Lal Kitab, Tajik or Annual Horoscopy, Palmistry, Numerology, Body Reading and Samudrik Shastra, Mundane Astrology, Electional or Muhurta Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Astrological Mathematics and Siddhant Jyotish or Hindu Astronomy etc. Detailed Panchanga (calendar), Monthly Ephemeris and Various type of Muhurta are also published in every issue. Monthly Horoscope (Rashiphal) and Tansitary Forecast are also attractive feature of Jyotish Sagar. Many permanent collums like as festival planner of the month, Ramcharitmans, Upanishad, Gita, Ravan Samhita, Puran Purush, Kabir Vaani, Chanakyodesh etc are other attractions of this magazine. Some articles are also published on Vastu, Tantra, Mantra and Yantra. Every year two Special issues on Deepavali are also published. More than four special issues are published per year.

Jyotish Sagar’s August, 2019 issue has been published now. This is a special issue on “Kaalsarpa Yoga” or “Kalasarpa Dosha”. Index of Jyotish Sagar, August 2019 Wimbledon 2019 winner Novak Djokovic Call Uses: Meaning and Types Effects of Kalasarpadosh as per Lagnas Trouble in Married Life and Kalsarpayoga Ashtakvarga and Kalasarpa Yoga Kalsarpayoga in Divisional Charts When is Kalasarpayoga in-effective? Kalsarpaya and Kal-Amrit Yoga When is Kalasarpa Yoga effective? Rudraksha is effective to solve the problems given by Kaalasarpa yoga Wearing gems in Kalasarpayog's moderation Kalsarpa Yoga in the horoscope of Independent India Symptoms of Kalsarpa Yoga Kalsarpa Yoga and Rahu-Ketu's Dasha Major places of Kalasarpadosh peace The result of Rahu's association with other planets The biggest force of the Earth is the fortune force Ketu in Second house and its impact on life Appayya Dixit of Jyotih Pradeepika Ududayapradeep: Sub Period of Marakadi planets (Part-4) How to make accurate Prediction? (Part-154): Results of Rahu-Ketu located in the eighth house of Gemini Ascendant Palmistry and gemstones Special on Goswami Tulsidas Jayanti: Mahakavi Tulsidas, the leader of Rambhakti Special on Srikrishnanjanmashtami: Venkatadhvari’s Raghavyadaveeyam Special on Rakshabandhan: Rakshabandhan and Sanskrit day

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