Food Lovers - Spring 2016

Publisher: Hospitality Initiatives India
Category: Cooking
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly
Single issue $ 4.99 -

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Food Lovers’ is India’s finest food magazine dedicated to a celebration of food, wine and everything connected to the world of fine dining and gastronomy. A magazine created specifically for those who like to delve deep and indulge in their passion for food, wine and gastronomy. Though this magazine is created for the discerning reader, it has enough and more to embrace the thousands of aspiring connoisseurs who are exploring food like never before. Thanks to the opening of noteworthy restaurants, particularly in the freestanding space, the availability of quality wines, including some commendable domestic labels, and the awareness of it all, heightened greatly by media. We live in exciting culinary times, and Food Lovers hopes to be at the forefront of this movement with this magazine. Each and every article in Food Lovers – restaurant reviews, wine notes, food and wine pairings, recipes, gourmet trails, essays, interviews and more – is carefully curated and pieced together. Making this issue and every subsequent one that follows a keepsake.

The season is spring, a time for new ideas and concepts to bloom. Which brings me to the theme of the cover feature in this issue, Evolving Flavours. Put together as a collaborative, research-driven feature with inputs from top chefs and restaurateurs, writers, wine connoisseurs and industry experts, this is a commentary that takes a considered look at the exciting movements that are shaping the culinary scene in India and beyond. Speaking of movements, do catch our account of Kappa Chakka Kandhari, a culinary movement that aims to bring traditional, long-forgotten dishes from Kerala to the rest of the world. In Regional, explore Mughal cuisine with Osama Jalali and his family, who are single-mindedly devoted to the revival of lost recipes from a dynasty obsessed with gastronomic hedonism. Getting back to a subject of libatory pleasure, whilst much thought is being given to the subject of food and wine, pairing wine with dessert is still relatively uncharted territory in India. To remedy this, Food Lovers curated a dessert and wine pairing at Amandé, a French pâtisserie, known for its decadent desserts. At a tasting table that comprised a writer, a pâtissier, and even a tech guru with a sweet tooth, twelve desserts with complex and nuanced flavours were put to the test with twelve wines. In this issue, you will find an account of the pairings that worked, and how. In Spotlight, Vivek Singh, chef and restaurateur, behind The Cinnamon Club, Cinnamon Kitchen and Cinnamon Soho, shares his philosophy of plating beauty and telling stories through food. Elsewhere, in Drink, Magandeep Singh makes a bold attempt to prophecise ‘2016 on the Wagon.’ Restaurant reviews, recipes, essays… there’s plenty more in this issue for you to savour. Enjoy!

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