Stuff India Magazine - December 2020

Stuff India Magazine - December 2020

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As we wrap up the remaining days of 2020, the pandemic chapter has still not finished but much like our ancestors we too have learned to adapt and survive any impending doom, invisible or TikTok. The tech world, if at all pinched, was slightly so and as you can tell from the barrage of tests we’ve poured into this 12th-anniversary issue of Stuff India. All the shiny new iPhones along with other Apple launches are ready to embrace your senses. We’ve added some special features in here as well which you may not find on our website just yet. The secret sauce for Christmas special though is the battle of teraflops and button mashing. Both Xbox and PlayStation duel it out in a 14-page special. The winner? You’ll find out soon. And if you’re a fan of jogging, photography, supercars and sneakers, by all means, take a look.

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