Stuff India Magazine - December 2018

Stuff India Magazine - December 2018

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In the 10th Anniversary Edition of Stuff India, we have a list of the 100 Most Wanted gadgets that our very own team desires and we're sure, you will too, once you have a look. A shiny new Merc that seduced us had to be put on the cover with an equally beautiful model, while the new iPad got a taste of the Stuff test. We also have curated a list of the best products for your liking and show you how to maximize on your fruity purchase. We can tell you more, but why don't you just grab the 10th Anniversary Special and treat yourself?

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STUFF is the world's biggest gadget and technology lifestyle magazine with more than 25 editions globally. The Indian edition upholds these international values while showcasing the best gadgets and technology available in India.