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Thinking Fast and Slow

Across India, the use of cognitive enhancers—also called smart drugs—is on the rise. Modafinil, a stimulant similar to Adderall, was originally developed as a treatment for narcolepsy and attention deficit disorder, but it is now popular among many without those ailments. Although statistical data on its usage in the country is sparse, plenty of anecdotal evidence suggests that the drug is available over the counter at many chemist shops, and that students—particularly at medical colleges, but also at other academic establishments—increasingly take it to get work done and prepare for examinations. With its ease of access and purported ability to boost mental function, modafinil is likely to only become more popular. And that will make questions about the ethics, effectiveness and possible side-effects of the drug all the more urgent.

Also in this issue:

India’s complex history with cervical cancer; the destruction of ancient Buddhist Sites; the Uttar Pradesh government’s farcical investigation into the Gorakhpur tragedy; why Ramayana’s many voices provoke outrage; how José Rizal’s immortal poem haunts the Philippines today; a personal exploration of Goalpariya culture

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The Caravan Magazine is an Indian English-language, long-form narrative journalism magazine covering politics and culture. It is published by the Delhi Press Group.

The Caravan is known for its in-depth reporting, investigative journalism, and literary criticism. It has published a number of award-winning articles and essays, and has been praised for its commitment to independent journalism.

The magazine's coverage includes a wide range of topics, including politics, economics, social justice, culture, and the arts. It has published articles on a variety of controversial and sensitive issues, such as the rise of Hindutva, the Kashmir conflict, and the plight of Dalits.

The Caravan is a must-read for anyone who wants to stay informed about the latest news and developments in India. It is a valuable resource for journalists, academics, students, and anyone who is interested in politics, culture, and society.

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