Gizmobox - August 2018

Publisher: Databox Inc.
Category: Technology, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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We live in wondrous times where we can no more differentiate into the tangible 'things' around us and the intangible 'internet.' This splendid age of internet of things or IoT is rapidly developing and adapting to the necessities of human beings. From problem-solving AI in the phone to automated houses and robotic housekeeping, technology is fulfilling all our needs. In the recent times, however, humans have taken it upon themselves to use the resources of this digital age and satisfy the most basic, primal and evolutionary needs of any species; to become the fittest in order to survive. Survival of the Fittest is the law of nature and despite what we think, we humans are not the fittest species on Earth. In order to tackle this problem, an entire community of zealous and willing risk-takers has emerged. These individuals make use of the modern-day technological advancements to alter their bodies in one way or another in order to create the next step in human evolution call transhumanism and ascend onto this new level without waiting for millions of years of selection through the natural process of trial and error. These individuals are largely known as biohackers but there is a select group of biohackers who literally implant gizmos into their bodies to climb up the ladder of transhumanism. This select group is called as the Cyborgs. This issue of GizmoBox is dedicated to broadly get introduced to the transhumanist movement with a particular focus on Cyborgs because like it or not, it is going to be the future.

Gizmobox is proud venture of Databox Group and Gizmobox Magazine is exclusively launched on every widely spread digital platforms. It’s the cluster of Technology, Lifestyle, Business, Fashion and Entertainment. We prominently agree that this era is all about technology and technology is what gonna rule our lives henceforth. So considering this fact we are have been taking care to come up with an enticing amalgam of technology, lifestyle and fashion. We have been working hard to meet all your needs integrating technology with all patches of daily life, regardless what sector you are working with. We make sure you won’t feel understanding technology is a Rocket science, because it is not, indeed. We don’t talk about utter Technology but other social sectors also, for that matter. We brought the core of every part of technology to the simplest to understand. Let the technology be anything, smart phones, smart watches, laptops, sound systems, speakers, headphones, gaming kits and what not! Since every issue talks about some especial dedicated affairs and covers the recent trend with pinch funk makes us stand stunning cool in the market.

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