SPIRITZ- All Issues

Spiritz is India's most comprehensive magazine for the alcohol and hospitality industry, liquor lovers, hotels, bars and resorts etc. The entire spectrum of alcohol and hotels, bars, pubs and resorts, accessories, machinery and technology is covered prominently in this magazine.  All the issues of Spiritz magazine have been widely appreciated by the industry for its enriching content, ingenuity of ideas and lucid writing. Spiritz's growth in three years has been phenomenal, taking our print order to 27,000 plus copies.  The readers of Spiritz are upwardly mobile people who have a significant presence in their respective fields. These readers who are spread across the country and abroad, appreciate the regular flow of information on a variety of subjects. They include CMDs, Directors and top honchos of the alcohol industry, hotels, and bars and of other related sectors. Besides, most of the diplomatic missions, government officials, including Excise  Commissioners and Ministers of all the states and Hotel & Catering Institutes are our regular readers. A large number of liquor lovers also subscribe our magazine.  Impressed by the international looks, production quality and high class content, a good number of hotels and bars keep our issues in their suites, lobbies and bars. A large number of diplomatic missions are also on our regular subscribers' list.