Muallim - The Muslim Lifestyle Magazine - November 2014

Publisher: Blossom Media Pvt. Ltd.
Category: Religious & Spiritual, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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Allah Say in Qur'an “When you finish your prayer, get dispersed on land and search for my blessing (travel on land for earning money)”. (62:10) According to hazrat Abdullah bin Masood (RA), Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ), said, “after obeying compulsory religious commandments of Allah (that is Namaz, Fasting, Zakat, Hajj), earning money by right means (to fulfil our basic necessity of life is compulsory for every individual.” i.e house, food, clothes, education are some of the sic necessities of every human being. So, in the light of the above mentioned Qur'anic verse and noble tradition, it is clear that earning money is compulsory for every individual for fulfilling his own as well as family’s need and if possible helping the needy for the sake of Allah.

‘Muallim’ is a Muslim lifestyle magazine, which addresses the religious concerns of Muslim families across the world. Muallim primarily addresses issues regarding Islamic education and moral upbringing, spirituality, creed, and jurisprudence. Our insightful and thought-provoking feature articles address a variety of subjects related to our daily lives and lend a Muslim perspective to the issues and concerns of our modern lifestyles. We aim to impart Islamic knowledge, linking Islamic practices to a true and genuine scholarship in a way that is relevant & compatible with contemporary living. This is an effort to enrich lives of all stratums of society by reinforcing true and meaningful Islamic values that respect every individual's rights.

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