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Investors India Magazine - September 2013Add to Favorites

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In this issue

The world thrives on hope. It’s a good thing
to do, otherwise all economic activity would
come to a standstill. When a business
produces goods or renders services, it is in hope
that the same would be consumed by others. There
is no surety or guarantee that he would be able
to sell the product or service. There is just hope
backed by a careful analysis of the market.
This applies to investment markets too. There
are temporary phases when nothing seems to be
working. These are tough periods and the pain is
accentuated by doomsayers predicting financial
Armageddon in various forms of media. However,
one must not forget that we have survived the
Great Depression of the 1930s in the USA, the
Asian Currency Crisis in 1997, the dotcom bust in
2000 and the Great Financial Crisis in 2008. Still,
people have continued to invest and make money.
One thus needs to stay positive.
Staying positive doesn’t mean ignoring the reality
and keep committing mistakes. For instance, if
growth is slowing, it will be fool hardy to ignore
the writing on the wall, keep concocting positive
stories and keep investing in asset classes that
thrive on growth. There is always a money making
opportunity somewhere round the corner. Staying
positive is about finding an opportunity to benefit
even in the wake of prevalent concerns. When
growth slows it is time to invest in bonds. Similarly
when currency depreciates, it is time to invest in
Gold ETFs or global equity funds. Despite weaker
growth and multiple other concerns during the last
3-4 years, haven’t we seen bond funds, gold funds
and global equity funds give reasonably attractive
Ms. Anubha Singhania, an expert in investing and
the co-author of the book titled “Fundamentals of
Investing in Equities and Assets that Create Wealth”
has been contributing to the magazine for quite
some time with her insightful views on investment
markets and how investors should shape their
attitudes for their benefit. We have renamed her
column aptly as “The Prudent Investor”. In this
issue, she has written about the potential red flags
in a company’s financial statements that an investor
should look for before making an investment
in a company. I found them pragmatic and truly
insightful. Following these guidelines will enhance
one’s ability to analyse a company and lower the
risk in investments.
Coffee has become a social drink and a necessary
evil. People are so eager to get that instance ‘kick’
from coffee that they conveniently ignore its harmful
effects. The Lifestyle Planning article in this issue
compiles the opinions of reputed research houses
from all over the world on the harmful effects of
coffee. Hope this will help readers in limiting their
coffee consumption and move towards a healthier
Prudent Investing!

Investors India Magazine Description:

PublisherBajaj Capital L.




Investors India Magazine is a monthly magazine published by Bajaj Capital, a leading financial services company in India. The magazine is aimed at investors of all levels, from beginners to experienced investors.

It covers a wide range of topics related to investing, including:

* Investment strategies and advice: The magazine features articles on different investment strategies and advice on how to choose the right investments for your individual needs and goals.
* Market analysis and trends: The magazine provides in-depth analysis of the Indian financial markets and the latest trends that investors need to be aware of.
* Company profiles and stock recommendations: The magazine profiles different companies and provides stock recommendations to help investors make informed investment decisions.
* Mutual fund analysis and recommendations: The magazine analyzes different mutual funds and provides recommendations to help investors choose the right mutual funds for their investment goals.
* Financial planning and retirement planning: The magazine covers topics related to financial planning and retirement planning to help investors achieve their financial goals.

Investors India Magazine is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about investing and make informed investment decisions. Subscribe today and start your journey to a more secure financial future!

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