Akashganga Science Magazine - August 2018

Publisher: Akashganga Science Magazine
Category: Science, Education
Language: English
Frequency : Quarterly

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T ime just flew away! Now, it is time to get ourselves upgraded one step farther to dive deeper into the cosmos of science. In this Independence Day, we have left behind 71 years of our independence and today publishing our 7th issue with lots of new mysteries and adventures, that our readers can dive into science again to a new deeper path through it and find a new shore again! Mark Twain once said, "You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." Our Magazine haven't any motive to teach science someone or create any puzzle, its here to make us visualise of our imagination. Because science aren't some thing that teaches us memorising data. Science means just to understand the mesmerising arena of nature and for that no one should be so much educated at all. He has to open just his mind for imagination and ignite the immense flames of science within heart. Keeping that in mind we have been come a lot, we know that its just nothing in the cosmos of science, there are miles to go!!! By getting feedback and appreciation it is felt like that we are on a right track. In this Independence day, we have kept behind 72 year of our Independence and publishing our 7th issue with lots of new science treasures and adventures, that enthusiasts can be amazed again!

(ISSN: 2456-7663) Akashganga is a wide field of assemblage all the science lovers and their thinking or ideas related to science. On the basis of today’s education system, there is a disappointment of understanding science so closely to the science graduate students. We ask our heart that has we really gripped the science or just we ran after marks. We have lost in a maze of career and exams. If we need to step out of that mindset. We need to go through the science. We will try to make science simpler and more attractive so that any person can taste its sweetness. And that’s why Akashganga Science Magazine has taken birth. To live with science, to grip the science, actually, we’re going to have a surgery on science. We will think here, will go beyond the boundaries of science, our thinking may be wrong on the established formula, but we won’t stop. Thinking of impossibilities increase the way of possibilities and create a new theory. So Come. Join, Let’s build up a new Akashganga, where let the solar system be our established boundaries of limitations. And let our imaginations be the Unknown everything outside of the solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy (Akashganga). Let’s shout globally.

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