Touriosity Travelmag - September 2017

Publisher: Afield Touriosity Pvt Ltd
Category: Travel
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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Touriosity Travelmag is an off the beat travel journal for people who love to travel or those who love reading travel stories.This travel magazine is aimed at making you a confident independent traveller. We aspire to give you wings by bringing to you inspiring stories of courage, confidence and great achievements from across the globe from people who achieved those feats and realized their dreams because they believed they could do it. We wish your wings will help you fly high and bring the world to your grip. By being with us you get to know that the world is such a beautiful place. Touriosity Travelmag is a travel magazine by people who love to travel for people who love to travel, be it globetrotters, backpackers, family travelers, student travelers, senior travelers or those that just enjoy sitting at home reading travel stories from around the world. We celebrate the indomitable urge to ‘drift and roam’ and the desire to get lost in the splendour of the world around. We promise to bring to you the best quality travel literature at the lowest affordable price.

Trees are important part of landscape, be it forests, mountains, coastal areas, cities or villages. Unknown to us, their silent existence adds to the beauty of the surroundings. While most of our vacation photographs do include trees, we often fail to realise their importance in tourism. In recognition of this vital role of trees, we at Touriosity Travelmag thought of dedicating an issue ( September 2017) to this very rare theme. The issue features articles on various tree attractions around the world including creepy trees, unique trees and rare species as also those with a long history or interesting legend behind.

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