Indonesia Tatler - November 2019

Publisher: Mobiliari Group
Category: Lifestyle, Fashion
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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The month of September is always one of the most exciting months of the year for Indonesia Tatler, because it means we present our special fashion issue. In these pages, we visit some of the most stylish catwalks and fashion-week features from far-flung locations like New York, London, Milan and Paris. This year, it also means that 27-year-old entrepreneur Dina Rimandra Handayani is our cover star. This well-balanced beauty founded the first cider brand in Indonesia and has already expanded it internationally to Australia and Singapore. A restless spirit, she is also planning on spreading her wings further afield and into new projects, as we find out when we talk about her career, dreams and even her love life. We also feature a stunning fashion spread with two of Asia’s biggest icons, former MTV VJs Sonia Couling and Utt (Asda Panichkul) from Thailand. They pose fabulously in our most exciting Fall/Winter collections from Indonesian designers. Meanwhile, in our Faces pages we feature an exclusive interview with our Minister of Tourism Arif Yahya and the Swedish Ambassador to Indonesia, HE Johanna Brismar Skoog. Food lovers don’t despair! We also bring to you a review of the classic and wonderful Japanese restaurant Iseya, with Rani Anggraini and Inggrid Kansil as guests. Enjoy reading and stay stylish!

Beautiful Birthdays “Blink and you’ll miss it!” Such is how we sometimes refer to the passing of time, meaning that if you don’t live for the now—which is also one of my favourite maxims—you’ll simply be an observer as life passes you by. Carpe diem! Seize the day! It’s also an apt segue when it comes to talking about our cover story (“The Good Life”), which focuses on Nia Ramadhani Bakrie, Blink Beauty Clinic’s ambassador. A regular at Blink, it was only natural that Nia was chosen as the brand’s ambassador. She also epitomises the idea of not only living a good life and instilling virtuous values in her children, but also of packing in as many positive experiences as she can into her busy schedule, while remaining thankful for all of today’s blessings. That really is the best definition of seizing the day as I can think of. For our cover shoot, Nia is decked out in Balenciaga, and, as always, we’ve packed tons more fashion into this November issue. Whether it’s the latest in men’s trends (“On the Run”), which take their cues from The Matrix and Blade Runner, or women’s style (“The Day After Tomorrow”), with its industrial and utilitarian leanings, I’m sure there’s something for everyone’s wardrobe tastes this month. Elsewhere in the magazine this month, you can read all about master craftsman and conceptual designer Ted Sulisto in “Passion Projects” as well as join us on a trip to Papua New Guinea in “Land Before Time”, which goes into great detail about the culture and people that abound in this otherworldly and oft-shunned travel destination. On a lighter note, my very close friend and a regular in Indonesia Tatler’s pages, Patty Kaunang, recently celebrated her birthday in sensational style with an amazing costume party, as you’ll see in “Dazzling Do”. Oh, and did I mention it’s our birthday this month? Yes, we’ve just turned 19 years old.

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