Prestige Indonesia - August 2019

Publisher: DestinAsian Media Group
Category: Entertainment, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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Prestige Indonesia is the monthly luxury and lifestyle magazine that covers the life and times of the rich and famous in Indonesia and the rest of the world. As the ultimate lifestyle magazine of choice for Indonesia's elite affluent decision makers, Prestige is packed with full of useful and relevant materials that enriches, informs and entertains its readers. The magazine is an insider to the high life in Indonesia; featuring personalities who are either the peers or much to the envy and emulation of our readers. They enjoy a rich feast of intelligent reading and spectacular photography on subjects as varied as local society, business titans, international news and entertainment, fashion, travel, high-end gadgets and diversion. With high quality content and sophisticated presentation, Prestige brings a unique and modern international air to the category of lifestyle magazines in Indonesia. Besides Indonesia, Prestige also has editions in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand. It is published 13 times a year, including the annual issue: Prestige LIFESTYLE and has a print run of 25,000 copies.

When this issue was going to the printer, Boris Johnson had just been announced as the next leader of the Conservative Party and therefore the new Prime Minister of Great Britain. In spite of a generally negative view among the public of the leadership qualities of “Britain’s Trump”, the party faithful chose Johnson, and he duly promised to unite the country and deliver Brexit. We shall see. Almost everyone, everywhere, it seems, is worried about the poor quality of today’s leaders, whether they’re in government, running great institutions or in the business world. This sentiment did not start with Donald Trump’s election in 2016. In 2015, the World Economic Forum published a survey that showed 86 percent of respondents agreeing that we have a leadership crisis in the world today. “There is an alarmingly weak correspondence between power and competency. Those in power are not necessarily up to the job of discharging their responsibilities to the benefit of those they lead,” wrote Forbes of the survey.

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