Chinese Literature and Culture - Volume 09, May 2017

Publisher: Zilin Cultural Development Limited Guangzhou
Category: Journals, Art
Language: English, Chinese - Simplified
Frequency : 3 Issues/Year
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Celebrated Chinese writer Zhang Wei, whose novel You Are on the Plateau won China’s prestigious Mao Dun Prize for Literature in 2011, is also a powerful short story writer. His imaginative power, ability to skillfully craft a story, and picturesque use of language are rarely found in other writers. Zhang Wei is well known in China as a master of fiction. In this volume, we have Chu Dongwei’s carefully translated story “A Bitter Debate in a Dream” to go with the Chinese original by Zhang Wei and a written seminar consisting of three commentaries and one scholarly essay. In the three commentaries, Canadian author Fraser Sutherland’s “A Lesson of Sorts: a Commentary on ‘A Bitter Debate in a Dream,’” O. Henry Prize winner Caitlin Horrocks’ “A Meaningful Dream Scene: on Zhang Wei’s ‘A Bitter Debate in a Dream,’” and writing professor Craig Hulst’s “Practical and Philosophical Issues: Humans and Their Dogs: a Commentary on Zhang Wei’s ‘A Bitter Debate in a Dream,” and Dr. Brian Cope’s essay “Through Bitterness Something Ecological Grows: Zhang Wei’s Ecological Allegory,” you will find interesting angles from which the writers and scholars approach the story.

This is the newsstand edition of Chinese Literature and Culture, a journal founded by translation scholar and translator Chu Dongwei, published three times a year, devoted to translations of Chinese texts (works from the past or by contemporary authors), essays of cultural criticism, and original writings — fiction or non-fiction — dealing with the China experience or life in the Chinese communities around the world. The journal embraces the idea of cultural translation as advocated by our editors. Library of Congress ISSN: 2332-4287 (print)/2334-1122 (online) The magazine is jointly published and distributed worldwide by the New Leaves Arts and Letters Lab of Zilin Limited Guangzhou and IntLingo Inc., NY.

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