Publisher: Stuvvz
Category: Lifestyle
Language: English, Chinese - Simplified
Frequency : Half-yearly

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Stuvvz started off as an online fashion magazine based here in Hong Kong. We soon reached page one ranking on google and decided to venture off into doing a print magazine. Instead of focusing on trends, fashion, and other news; we decided to create something more timeless and in depth, resulting in a magazine that can be kept on the book shelf and read like a series of interesting stories.

stuVVz Magazine Issue 1- The Global Issue is a publication consisting of two books-- book A, which is an extension from our main website and book B, which is a extension from our brother website For this first issue, both book A and book B investigates into their respective topics of interest through a variety of people stories, world cultures, as well as concepts from art and design. For Book A, not only have we interviewed creative individuals from Hong Kong, Canada, Thailand, Taiwan and Singapore where we learned about their creative process, we have also asked them about their point of view about the future progresses of their respective cities. Including a main feature article dedicated on the struggles creative individuals from Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan faces; a comparison article between two art galleries, one in France and one in Hong Kong in also included. As for Book B, our editor has interviewed two influential sneakerheads from Taiwan and the UK, asking them about the ideas that they have towards such a product and the movements it has brought upon in their home cities. Not to mention, there is also a sneakers dedicated styling section which not only depicts our chosen sneakers in a creative format, but also offers our readers with the shoes' information. We promise you that the materials that we have are completely unique and very different what you would usually read from a Hong Kong magazine. Totaling in 151 pages, support our first issue now!

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