Shangliu Tatler - July 2017

Publisher: Edipresse Media China
Category: Entertainment, Lifestyle
Language: Chinese - Simplified
Frequency : Monthly
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TATLER作为全球首本高端社交类生活方式杂志,始创于1806年。而尚流TATLER作为简体中文版TATLER于2002年登陆中国,凭借独到的国际化开阔视野,致力于打造中国顶峰精英会员平台。尚流TATLER聚焦艺术、商界、文化、时尚、名流,更带来全球顶级成功人士的采访报道(包括名人物杨澜、世界著名建筑师安藤忠雄、中国知名珠宝设计师赵心绮以及青年钢琴家赵胤胤等)。 尚流TATLER更以独一无二的定位带来高端生活方式报道,从美酒佳肴到全球新鲜资讯,从高端奢侈品牌背后的故事到各类奢华派对,尚流TATLER致力于打造精致生活艺术,旨在成为各界行家视角、奢华品牌传承及创新、精英人群需求高度契合的生活方式平台。 In April, a vigorous spring month, the first revised version of Shangliu Tatler is ceremoniously launched. Shangliu Tatler is the Chinese version of Tatler that was founded in 1806 and is the world's first high-end social life magazine. From the hits of worldwide glamorous social events to the editor’s pick of the season's hottest fashion items, from the interviews with influential and successful people (including the new version’s cover person Yang Lan, the world-class architect Tadao Ando, the famous Chinese jewelry designer Cindy Chao and China youth pianist the Zhao Yinyin) to the introduction of the fine quality wine and dine, and entertainment, from the in-depth reports of the latest global information to the explorations of the interesting stories about the high-end brands, Tatler aims to lead the Chinese elites into a new, luxury and tasteful world. The Special Report on custom-made in this issue is an all-round introduction to the inherent culture and spirit in the process, history and services of the tradition. It would bring us into the splendid world of arts and crafts.

We invited Ying Qinglan---the co-founder of the young art fair brand Art021 as the cover star of July issue. Art021 achieved not only domestic but international fame in just a few years. Ying Qinglan shared us with her passion on art and life , and discussed her expectation about the future power of art development.

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