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It is 2019 and we are evolving. The new generation of young creatives are in a place of empowerment. As a generation we are digitally connected; forever the first people to hear global news and given every opportunity to engage with contemporary discussions. Our voices are finally being heard and we are growing stronger as a collective generation. Now is the time for making changes, for rebelling against the status quo and exploring new avenues for creative expression.  Thus, along came streetwear. Streetwear has infiltrated the high-fashion market. It is no longer the price tag of a brand that makes it ‘fashion’, it is the way you own the clothing, the way you use the clothing to assert your attitude. The paradigm is shifting from exclusivity to inclusivity. Fashion is no longer just for the elite. It is 2019 and we want everyone to have a mode of expression.  During the rise of streetwear came a new era of music. Music is being created and consumed at a higher rate than ever before. More artists are beginning to experiment with their sound, creating music that fuses genres together and refuses to be boxed in to one category. On that note, we are excited to present to you the first ever issue of Pentagon: a fusion of fashion, music and urban culture aiming to cut through the noise and display the very best that our generation has to offer. In this very first Pentagon issue, we have filled the pages with the strong members of our generation leading the way for contemporary culture. We have in the following pages: Rai Elle, labelled as one of the most sensational, emerging teenaged singers of R&B/Soul in the UK; Pell, the New Orleans native whose experimental soul sound sets him apart from the crowd; Netsky, Belgium’s finest DJ and producer; and Au/Ra, the sixteen-year-old singer-songwriter who is fiercely breaking into the music scene with her ambient melodies and pop rhythms. Plus – of course – many more. We set out to discover young creatives and people doing things differently, to give them a platform to express their vibrancy whilst not being bound in to classical modes of high-fashion expression. By telling their stories, Pentagon aims to stimulate and inspire, to drive you forward into the new world. We hope you enjoy reading Pentagon’s winter edition. We certainly enjoyed producing it.