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Nation Europa Magazine is opposed to the "EU", NATO, and Liberalism, but exists to promote the concept of a unified Europe, and the interests of Europeans in whatever parts of the world they may be, including Russia, and those who inhabit Europe’s overseas outposts. Amidst the growing rejection of globalisation, including the dissatisfaction with the bureaucratic, soulless and money-driven so-called ‘European Union’, there has been a neo-tribalist reaction, promoting petty-statism, xenophobia and chauvinism. Such divisions will weaken Europe, as they have for centuries, and again enable Europe’s inner and outer enemies to control or invade a ‘house divided’. Conversely there has been scant attention given to the rich variety of cultures within Europe such as the Flemish, Breton and Basque; the culture-ethnic organs that compose Europe as an organism. Nation Europa addresses the issues confronting Europe worldwide. Nation Europa fosters the imperative of European unity that had been developing for a thousand years, with a feeling even amidst rivalries, of a common bond and destiny, until rent by capitalism, Marxism and liberalism. Nation Europa feels that the reaction of the nationalist Right, especially in the Anglophone world, often lacking depth of thought and vision, has been an inadequate and even a negative response to the issues confronting Europe’s survival, let alone advancement. Nation Europa aims to offer a wider alternative.