Life Purpose Matters - Issue 4 - August 2016

Publisher: Life Purpose Matters
Category: Women's Interest, Lifestyle
Language: English
Frequency : Monthly

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Life Purpose Matters magazine is an exciting and valuable resource for life, it aims to empower individuals to create and live a blissful lifestyle on purpose. It offers guidance on issues that predominately affect women and the young ladies but men will find the content quite useful too. The magazine is designed to inspire, motivate, transform, empower and enrich the readers as they seek or live their life purposefully. Our focus are on people who are seeking to expand and grow as individuals; equipping them with life tools as they embark on their personal and professional development journey. We will be publishing articles that cover various area such as: • Personal and spiritual development • Relationships • Finance • Health and wellness • Beauty • Meditation • Affirmation • Life Purpose • Tools for motivation

This month, we are focusing on our finances; money, assets, investments and all that has to do with finance. Most of us work hard for money and so it only makes sense to make money work hard for us too. We all love spending money but with everything in life, there must be a balance to our spending habits and ensuring we are investing our monies right and teaching the young ones to respect and value money so that it works for them. One of the many keys to effectively changing your life is prioritization. Everyone has limited resources, whether those resources are time, money, or energy. Since you’re likely limited by your time and energy, it only makes sense to focus your resources on creating those financial habits that will have the biggest impact on your situation. Saving money can be painless. It can even be a little fun with the right approach. It’s possible to save a ton of money with some minor adjustments in your spending habits. The trick is to save your.... find out more inside this issue.

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